Thanks for your patience…

Well, the holidays are almost over. Phew–It seems like we’ve been celebrating for a very long time. To counter that, I’ve already planned for a New York New Year’s Eve which means that at 9:01 I can be all tucked into bed. That’s the advantage to living on the west coast.

Just so you know, the Wine Country Writer’s Festival is never far from my mind. I have some proposals to go through in the next day or two and some final decisions to make. If you haven’t put in a proposal for instructing a workshop or panel then please do so before the end of the year.

Things are falling into place very nicely but there are many details that need to be addressed.

We have several people already registered and paid. Remember that the early bird price only goes until midnight January 31, 2020. The price for the all day Saturday workshops is still only $60, the Master Class (just means more detailed and longer–you don’t need to be an expert)will be held the evening before and is $30, and the music/beach/hotdog at the end of the Saturday sessions will be $8. That’s only $98 for all that wonderful networking and learning.

Keep your eye on the site and I’ll have more for you very soon.

Happy Holidays and all the Best for a Safe and Healthy New Year.

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I am a writer and author... A mom, wife, auntie, friend... I am me.

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