What’s a “Blue Pencil?”

Some call it a “red” pencil but that still doesn’t really answer the question does it?

A blue pencil is a process by which you, the writer, submit up to one thousand (1,000) words of your work prior to an event so that a professional writer/industry person may look over it and then meet to discuss it with you.

The meetings are about ten minutes long and because the pages have been previously provided an immediate discussion can occur. The critique may come in the form of corrections, suggestions, or opinions but is often invaluable in moving your work to the next level.

As the Wine Country Writer’s Festival, blue pencils will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. You must first be registered and paid in full to receive an appointment. There is no extra fee for a blue pencil.

When you register please indicate whether or not you’re interested in a blue pencil.

Registration is open: go to “Get a Pass” on the website to complete the conditions. In the note section please indicate your registration preference:

Master Class 5 pm- 8 pm on September 25, 2020, with Sam Hiyate. A master class is not for the advanced writer. It simply means that the class is longer and more in-depth. Join the Master Class at the Lakeside Hotel and Conference Centre = $30

All day Saturday, September 26, 2020, Festival Workshops at the Lakeside Hotel and Conference Centre = $60

After the Festival (approximately 8 or 9 pm–ish), when all the learning is done for the day, we’ll walk together down Lakeside Avenue to a beachside fire pit for a wiener roast and soft music. This will end at approximately 11pm. Tickets to be purchased before hand = $8

Total for all + $98

If you have any questions please contact me at WCWF20@gmail.com

Register before the price increase on February 1!

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