A Little Business…A Little Fun…


In exactly two weeks, February 01, 2020, the early bird prices will increase for the festival. If you registered that’s great but you must complete payment.

Things like blue pencils will not be reserved unless payment has been completed.

Current prices are:

Master Class with Sam Hiyate (See specifics on the NEWS thread) only $30 (will increase to $35).

Full Day Festival with workshops, blue-pencils, pitches, Book Bar, panels, and more… only $60 (will increase to $67)

Fire on the Beach with a wiener roast and music will always be $8.


No matter what you call it: A Writing…




or a Get Together…It all comes down to surrounding yourself with like-minded people who ‘get’ you.

Being a writer is a very isolating choice of pastimes. Whether you do it professionally, part-time, or are new to the craft, there’s always something to learn especially when you get outside that proverbially comfort zone.

While September may feel like forever away, believe me when I say–it’ll come fast. So start getting your self ready to answer the inevitable: “What do you write?” Don’t let the question throw you because we’ve all been there but if you start to think about it now it won’t be so daunting.

The Wine Country Writer’s Festival is for everyone. The event is meant to be casual, inclusive, and boutique in nature.

Remember there’s no need to be nervous because no one can write what you write because there is no other YOU!

Published by Faye Arcand

I am a writer and author... A mom, wife, auntie, friend... I am me.

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