What if I’m too shy?

Attending a conference can be an intimidating bit of business. Phew. I remember my first one. I was terrified.

I walked into the room judging everyone–I never felt judged–not once. It was my own insecurities that held me back. I thought omg they’re all writers and I won’t fit in at all.

That wasn’t very fair of me because as it turned out there were many writers at the same stage as me–just starting. We met and chatted and I found out we had more in common than not.

I’ll also tell you that writers who’ve been at it for years, still learn things at writing events. The world is not a stagnant place and neither is the act of writing. It’s evolving as we grow in character and experience. Technology is constantly changing and imaginations are a fantastical thing that bring new stories and worlds. It’s amazing.

But, if you’re feeling shy or nervous to attend, please know that there’s absolutely no reason you have to talk to anyone. That’s the nice thing about an event like Wine Country Writer’s Festival, you can engage as much–or as little–as you feel comfortable doing. Sometimes attending with a friend calms the nerves too so that’s also an option.

Often the energy at a festival is invigorating and mentally stimulating. You learn that others have the same issues and how they deal with them. You may see how professionals struggled at one point–just like you–but persevered.

Never stay away from an event because you’re shy or don’t feel you belong. Feign laryngitis or wear shades all day and go in spite of yourself. Make it your day to achieve what you want to…there’s no right or wrong way.

If you love to write…

If you dream of writing…

If you aspire to share your story…

If you’re a closet poet…

This event is for you. Don’t miss out.

Published by Faye Arcand

I am a writer and author... A mom, wife, auntie, friend... I am me.

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