It’s Official…We Need to Postpone WCWF 2020

Hi Every one. We apologize for taking so long to inform you of the postponement. I guess there was some hopeful thinking but in light of the current pandemic situation we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the inaugural event. The medical officer of British Columbia announced last week that there will be noContinue reading “It’s Official…We Need to Postpone WCWF 2020”

We’re excited…

Soon we’ll be announcing some of our generous sponsorships that we’ve received. These are amazing opportunities for the Festival to be EVEN better! One is a **Scholarship** sponsorship for one person to attend the Master Class, All day Festival, and wiener roast as their guest. We’ll announce how to apply. If you know of someoneContinue reading “We’re excited…”

Early Bird is nearly gone…

There will be a price jump on February 1, 2020 for the Wine Country Writer’s Festival. The response has been amazing. Many are registered and are now just hangin’ out until September with nary a worry in the world. Here’s the calendar: Master Class: currently only $30 for a three hour session. February 1–price increaseContinue reading “Early Bird is nearly gone…”

What if I’m too shy?

Attending a conference can be an intimidating bit of business. Phew. I remember my first one. I was terrified. I walked into the room judging everyone–I never felt judged–not once. It was my own insecurities that held me back. I thought omg they’re all writers and I won’t fit in at all. That wasn’t veryContinue reading “What if I’m too shy?”