Have You Entered The Writing Contest Yet? What are You Waiting For?

Wine Country Writers’ Festival has put together a stellar group of judges for the WCWF Writing Contest. There are three categories. Fiction: Do you have a short story that’ll blow us away? There are no restrictions on genre or topics. The only thing is the word length and a great story. Hey, take an oldContinue reading “Have You Entered The Writing Contest Yet? What are You Waiting For?”

Have you Booked Your Pitch Session?

Blue pencils are still available–it’s so exciting to have your work read and critiqued by someone in the industry. It’s a great way to work toward getting a finished and polished product. Don’t forget to book a blue pencil when you register. There are pitch sessions available if you have a manuscript you’d like toContinue reading “Have you Booked Your Pitch Session?”

What’s a “Blue Pencil?” How Will it Help Me?

A blue pencil (sometimes referred to as a red pencil) is a process by which you, the writer, submit up to 750 words of your work prior to the event so that a professional writer/industry person may look over it and then meet to discuss it with you. During the session you’ll be able toContinue reading “What’s a “Blue Pencil?” How Will it Help Me?”

What’s on the Virtual Agenda?

On the Presenters Page you’ll now see what workshop they’ll be doing I looked at it and was flabbergasted that these workshops are FREE! Oh My Goodness!! So much to learn and garner from these experts. Whether you’re looking for a class on building a story, collaborative editing, building your brand–it’s all here. WOW! TakeContinue reading “What’s on the Virtual Agenda?”

Moving Right Along…

Things are starting to really warm up at the Wine Country Writers Festival! Registrations are happening now on a regular basis. The furthest away so far is from Spain. Have You Checked Out The Book Bar? As the titles continue to grow so do the genres! So far we have Romance Suspense Horror Anthology ChristianContinue reading “Moving Right Along…”