Get Involved!


We are so excited with the presenters that have signed on to Wine Country Writer’s Festival. Each one is enthusiastic and excited about attending and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

At this point we’ll still take applications for a waiting list if someone can’t attend. Don’t hesitate to send it in–You never know what’ll happen and if you’re expertise is very unusual we may be able to squeeze you in. Send your proposal and information to


Do you want an opportunity to sell your book?

An author can display up to three titles for no charge. Do let us know though so we can ensure enough table space etc. Please bring your own float as there won’t be a universal one available.


If you’re a vendor–maybe you sell something related to reading, writing, or ? Vendors tables will be available for $40.


It’s impossible to have an event of this size and magnitude, without volunteers. We will need help with room timers, blue-pencil timers, registration, set up, and so much more. Please contact us for more details.

This will be a relaxed event with lots of opportunity to meet your favorite authors and presenters. We encourage questions and active learning.

We’d love to have you. Contact us with your pitch, idea, or area you’d like to help out in. Conferences like this are made by the kind people willing to give their time to the writing community for us all to learn and grow!

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