This event is being organized and sponsored by local Okanagan writer and author Faye Arcand and fellow writer, author, and educator Jim Jackson from Calgary, Alberta.

Who are we?

About Faye

Faye Arcand is an agented author under contract to The Rights Factory. Her first novel is a YA contemporary thriller. She is also an award-winning short story writer, freelancer, columnist, and blogger. She loves to travel the world to study people, cultures, and places. Faye is currently finishing up her second novel as well as a non-fiction book about the writing world and preparing a book proposal based on her popular newspaper column Auntie Says. Her favorite things to do are to teach, encourage, and chat about writing. Faye lives in the South Okanagan with her family, ever-faithful dog, and sassy calico.

About Jim

After meeting the devil herself at a lonely crossroads not far outside of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Jim Jackson got an exclusive interview with the Princess of Darkness and a short-lived staff position as her PR writer. From that gig, he came away with a supernatural ability to tell a tale, putting him up there with liars like Herodotus, the guy who sold me all that land in Florida, and Donald Trump. But he’s modest about his talent. “What’s this interview for?” he confided to me, taking a long swig of Bordeaux. “How did you get this number?” Powerful words.Holiday-maker, wine-lover and public speaking instructor Jim Jackson spent five years wandering the spicy-food-eating lands and collecting stories (most of which can’t be shared). Jim’s mission is to show that the stories we all grew up with – the heroes, the monsters, the adventures – are still solid, muscular realities that can shape our lives (for good or for ill). What’s yours? Sit down. Grab a glass. Tell your story.

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