Keynote Speaker…

Hi Everyone! As promised, here is the information on our Keynote Speaker. Welcome Roark Critchlow! Roark has generously agreed to give a keynote speech on Friday September 24th. We will learn about his journey from small town guy to Hollywood actor. Check out his bio below and make sure you plan to join us onContinue reading “Keynote Speaker…”

Have You Planned Your Classes? Don’t Forget the Slush Pile!

Did you check the schedule? The schedule is jam packed with great presenters! The last class of Saturday September 24 at 1700-1750 (5pm -5:50pm–PST) will be a SLUSH PILE. What’s a slush pile? Wikipedia does a great job of defining it as follows: In publishing, a slush pile is a set of unsolicited query letters orContinue reading “Have You Planned Your Classes? Don’t Forget the Slush Pile!”

Time’s Ticking, Ticking, Ticking…. WCWF Writing Contest Closes In a Week…

Well, here we are nearing the middle of August and that of course can only mean one thing… You gotta get those entries in. We all have stories to share. I received validation from a writing contest several years ago. It was the Writer’s Digest Annual Contest. Back in those days (must’ve been around 2006),Continue reading “Time’s Ticking, Ticking, Ticking…. WCWF Writing Contest Closes In a Week…”

Have you Booked Your Pitch Session?

Blue pencils are still available–it’s so exciting to have your work read and critiqued by someone in the industry. It’s a great way to work toward getting a finished and polished product. Don’t forget to book a blue pencil when you register. There are pitch sessions available if you have a manuscript you’d like toContinue reading “Have you Booked Your Pitch Session?”