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Hi Everyone.

Phew! The Wine Country Writers Festival is finally up and running. Both Jim and I appreciate your patience.

Here’s some info to hopefully answer any questions.

  1. If you allowed your registration for WCWF 2020 to roll over to the following year then you’re also set for the VIRTUAL 2021! You’re welcome to attend all the classes and the Master Class. You’re welcome to forward a sample query for critique or discussion. For all others the Master Class which is 2.5 hours is only $20
  2. All must register…even if you’re still registered for 2020. Don’t forget.
  3. REGISTER: Through contact sheet. Name/Address/Phone/Email and your choice of Master Class, Pitch, and/or blue pencil.
  4. If you’re an Author and you want to display your books on the BOOK BAR. The cost is $10 for a maximum of three.
  5. You’re not registered until you pay. Either e-transfer (Canada) or PayPal.

Watch for the updates….

I’ll make them short, sweet, and awesome.

Questions….shoot em on over.

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