What’s a “Blue Pencil?” How Will it Help Me?

A blue pencil (sometimes referred to as a red pencil) is a process by which you, the writer, submit up to 750 words of your work prior to the event so that a professional writer/industry person may look over it and then meet to discuss it with you.

During the session you’ll be able to discuss any issues or questions you have about your work.

The meetings are short, and because the pages have been previously provided, an immediate discussion can occur. It is meant to spur positive energy and may come in the form of corrections, suggestions, or opinions.

It is always good to have experienced eyes see your work as it can often be invaluable in moving it to the next level.

How you can prepare for your Blue Pencil Appointment:

  • submit your pages well in advance
  • have any questions ready that you want to ask
  • ask for professional opinions
  • leave the defensiveness at the door. It doesn’t help you.
  • be ready for this question: What is your book about? Practice a one minute answer–or even shorter. Include your genre, sub-genre, (ie: Fiction, genre: Romance, sub-genre: Young adult. If there are further descriptions then include like historical, LGBTQ, or Christian etc. The reader should not be surprised by such sub-genres) basic plot to pique interest. Think of this as your one minute pitch. Be as specific as possible.

Wine Country Writers’ Festival blue pencils will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. You must first be registered. There is a $15 fee for a 12 minute blue pencil.

When you register please indicate whether or not you’re interested in a blue pencil.

If you have any questions please contact me at WCWFestival@gmail.com

What’s on the Virtual Agenda?

On the Presenters Page you’ll now see what workshop they’ll be doing

I looked at it and was flabbergasted that these workshops are FREE!

Oh My Goodness!! So much to learn and garner from these experts.

Whether you’re looking for a class on building a story, collaborative editing, building your brand–it’s all here. WOW!

Take a look and register soon. The space is limited.

And remember the Master Class is ONLY $20. Sam Hiyate of The Rights Agency will talk about query letters and what agents and publishers are seeking. Don’t miss it. This 2.5-3 hours class will be well worth the small fee.

What are you waiting for?

Questions? Email: wcwfestival@gmail.com

Moving Right Along…

Things are starting to really warm up at the Wine Country Writers Festival!

Registrations are happening now on a regular basis. The furthest away so far is from Spain.

Have You Checked Out The Book Bar?

As the titles continue to grow so do the genres!

So far we have

  • Romance
  • Suspense
  • Horror Anthology
  • Christian Romance
  • Poetry
  • Short Story Collection
  • Young Adult
  • and How To…

What’s next? If you have a book that you’d like to display at the WCWF Book Bar the cost is only $10 (+gst) for up to three books. Links to buy and author site also included.

Have a look to see what’s there now.

Keep the questions and registrations coming.