Check the Presenters Page…

Wow…what awesome talent we have presenting for the Wine Country Writer’s Festival.

We will have a classes on ….

  • poetry
  • flash fiction
  • building your brand
  • memoir
  • how to build a story…
  • creative nonfiction
  • collaborative editing

And that’s just the beginning.

There’s also the Master Class, a writing contest, blue pencils, and you can even pitch to an agent or publisher….

Wowsers! There’s so much going on.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at

Remember: the Saturday workshops are Free to attend.

  • A six minute pitch to an agent or publisher is $25
  • A blue pencil is only $15
  • Master Class which is all about query letters/publishing world is only $20
  • To enter the fiction/nonfiction/or poetry contest is only $15
  • and the networking and learning….is priceless!

Payments are accepted via e-transfer or PayPal.

Published by Faye Arcand

I am a writer and author... A mom, wife, auntie, friend... I am me.

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